So I’m a lot of things… a father, grandfather, and husband.  A brother, and uncle, and a lover of friends.  I’m a singer/songwriter, an author, an ordained UCC minister, a former local church pastor.  I’m a follower of Jesus, an increasingly passionate yogi, and a lover of the Perennial Truth Tradition, which means I look for and embrace Divine Truth and Wholeness wherever it’s found.  I’m a lover of the earth and its ecosystems.  I’m a founder of a non-profit and a leader of groups to the country of Haiti where I’ve worked with grass roots organizations among the poorest of the poor for a lot of years.   I love to see hungry people eat.  I love justice, kindness, and mercy.  I like to laugh.  And play.  And share.  And exercise.  And watch the sun rise.  And set.   And rise again.   I enjoy helping to create work for people without jobs or much hope of finding one.  I love study Wisdom Traditions.  I’m passionate about the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth.   I’m about to launch a new company that will provide beautiful new music for worshiping communities who are embracing a justice loving and world-healing way of Being.  That’s enough for now.



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